Toddler Program

12–24 months

Children of this age are curious about their world and ambitious to learn. Because toddlers develop so quickly, they crave stimulating activities, which are offered at ABC. The program promotes critical thinking, imagination, communication, socialization, and motor skill development.

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Toddler Day

Toddlers retain vast amounts of information through their play experiences. The children engage in activities such as story time, number concepts, cause-effect relationships, sign language, sensory experience, music, arts & crafts, and dancing, just to name a few. Though the daily program is structured, there are also opportunities for free play that help support individuality. Whenever weather permits, the toddlers have a daily outing to the park or around the local neighborhood. In addition to daily activities, toddlers also take part in monthly enrichment classes in yoga, dance, soccer, STEAM, and Spanish language.

The toddler day follows a predictable daily routine. Parents receive a monthly calendar and newsletter listing the theme, shape, color and sign that the children will be learning. Additionally, parents receive an emailed progress report that includes detailed information about the child’s day, along with photos and sometimes videos of their child in action.

Feeding at ABC

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Toddlers at ABC are fed according to the group schedule and in adherence to ABC’s Feeding & Meal Policy. Parents are responsible for bringing in prepared bottles (when applicable) and food from home. Children have four meals per day: breakfast at 9:00 am, a hearty snack at 11:45 am, lunch at 3:30 pm, and another snack at 5:15 pm. ABC will encourage toddlers to hold and drink from a cup, to use a spoon, and to use their fingers for self-feeding. To allow for proper development of motor skills and eating habits, children need to be allowed to practice learning to feed themselves. ABC staff will encourage toddlers to eat as well as follow their cues for when they are finished.

Napping at ABC

Every toddler at ABC has a personal cot designated to him/her for that day. ABC provides every child with a 100% organic cot sheet at the time of registration, which we launder at the end of every week. Parents are also asked to bring in a blanket from home, which will create a feeling of additional comfort and security. Toddlers nap according to the group schedule between the hours of 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm. When putting toddlers to sleep, the teachers play calming music in the background while individually comforting the children to sleep by rubbing, patting, soothing, and so on.