Infant Program

3–12 Months

ABC’s Infant Program is designed for a maximum of 12 children. This is a time of rapid development in all areas. Babies learn most successfully when they feel safe and secure, which happens when they are being cared for by adults whom they know and trust. ABC teachers create a warm and loving environment for babies to thrive in, while engaging them in activities that promote sensory development, fine and gross motor movement, receptive and expressive language, and so on.

Infant Day

The infant day at ABC consists of one-on-one nurturing, active play, quiet play, eating, napping, and diapering. There are plenty of clean and soft areas for babies to practice sitting, crawling, and eventually standing and walking. When weather permits, the infants go for a daily outing to the park and/or around the neighborhood. In addition to daily activities, infants also take part in monthly yoga enrichment classes. Parents receive a daily emailed progress report that includes detailed information about their child’s day, along with photos and sometimes videos of their child in action. This allows parents to feel like they were a part of their child’s day – every day.

Upon enrollment at ABC, parents complete an Infant Social Resume, which provides our teachers with detailed information regarding a child’s patterns of eating, sleeping, preferred activities, and overall personality. The teachers use this information to create a personalized schedule for each child until they adjust to the group schedule. This allows each child to feel that the day is predictable and familiar, which in turn maximizes security, development, and happiness.

Feeding at ABC

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Infants at ABC are initially fed according to their own schedules and in adherence to ABC’s Feeding & Meal Policy. Parents are responsible for bringing in prepared bottles and food from home. As infants grow and start eating solid foods, their eating needs will change and the eating time will slowly adjust towards the group schedule.

Napping at ABC

ABC’s Infant Program adheres to a strict Safe Sleep Policy. Every infant at ABC has a personal crib with a firm mattress and a crib sheet designated to him/her for that day. ABC provides every child with a 100% organic crib sheet at the time of registration, which we launder at the end of every week. Teachers at ABC will replicate similar techniques to put an infant to sleep as his/her own parents do at home. This may include rubbing, patting, soothing, and so on. Furthermore ABC teachers conduct 15-minute sleep checks, observing and documenting napping children for any signs of stress or distress.