“Our daughter was at ABC for 4 years. During which time, she grew, matured, and was given great, and loving care throughout. We made the decision to return after the covid closure based on the communication, organization, transparency and confidence we had in ABC.”
—Alex, November 2020

“We feel so lucky to know each day that we are leaving our little one in such loving care. The staff at ABC is incredible! They’re attentive, creative, caring and knowledgeable about early childhood nutrition and development. We love ABC!”
—Stacey, June 2019

“Our daughter has had an amazing time at ABC. Her teachers are so loving and patient, and have helped to bring a shy girl out of her shell. She loves her teachers, friends, and has a great time with all of the activities – art, little chefs, music, Spanish, soccer, and dance. We love hearing about her day.” —Jacquelyn, May 2019

“ABC has been a wonderful experience for our daughter from the very beginning. From Panda to Butterfly, Iris has learned independence, grown in academics, and loves soccer and dance. She has made great friendships with children at ABC as well as her love for her teachers. She has genuinely developed bonds with her teachers. She loves the variety of activities throughout the week and walks outside.”
—Ursula, May 2019

“I can’t say enough about how great ABC is. My daughter was part of the infant classroom from November 2016–May 2017, and enjoyed it every single day. The teachers are fantastic and really go out of their way to create a safe, happy and fun atmosphere for the babies. There was always something going on, from baby yoga to painting, stories and singing, as well as trips to the park on nicer days. They sent pictures throughout the day too, and I loved seeing that my daughter was having a good time, in more or less real time. Had we not moved away, we would definitely have kept her at ABC, as everything we saw of the older classrooms was equally as good.” —Rachel, August 2017

“I appreciate all the attention, patience and caring everyone at ABC has shown Henry these last few years. You have greatly helped his intellectual and behavioral growth. His easier adjustment to Pre-K has a lot to do with you guys and all your hard work. Thank you.” —Erika, September 2016

“Dropping your child off at daycare for the first time can’t be easy for any parent. I don’t think I slept the whole night before Hattie, our 6 month old, went to ABC for the first time. But, when we arrived at 8am sharp on that first day, Ms. Eileen was there to great us all with a big warm smile. I think it was pretty obvious to the staff that I was nervous about leaving my child for the whole day. So, I was THRILLED when I got an email update in the middle of the day with pictures and a status report on what Hattie had been up to. This made my whole day. As the days went on, we all grew to love the staff at ABC. A few months into our time with ABC my family relocated out of state. One of the hardest parts of leaving New York was saying goodbye to the staff at ABC. Hattie had created such a strong bond with her teachers. While she is doing well in her new daycare, the new place just doesn’t have the intimate, homey vibe that ABC provides. I cannot say enough good things about this place!” —Abby, March 2014

“We couldn’t be happier with ABC. The flexibility of their scheduling is incredibly helpful given the crazy pace of our lives. In the past they always kept you informed with how your child’s day was but now with the new emailed daily reports (with pictures!) it’s even better and something we always look forward to. Our 2 year old absolutely loves it there and comes home with new songs and craft projects every day. Thanks for doing all that you guys do!” —Guy, June 2013