Infant FAQ

Q. What are the child to staff ratios for the infants?
A. A 3:1 (infant:adult) ratio is maintained at all times, which exceeds the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulations (requiring a 4:1 ratio).

Q. How many infants are cared for at one time?
A. ABC’s Infant Program has 1 classroom that has a maximum capacity for 14 children. However, ABC maintains the infant classroom under its capacity and provides care for no more than 12 infants at any point in time. This ensures that children have a more personal experience while being cared for at ABC.

Q. Does ABC provide any enrichment classes for the children? Are there any additional costs involved?
A. Infants enrolled in ABC’s program take part in monthly yoga enrichment classes. Enrichment classes are part of ABC’s regular program and there are no additional costs involved.

Q. Do I get a daily report or information about my child’s day?
A. Yes. Parents receive a daily emailed progress report that includes detailed information about the child’s day including feeding, napping, and diapering, along with photos and sometimes videos of their child in action. Parents may add as many email recipients as they would like to the daily report enabling everyone to be on the same page (i.e.: babysitters, grandparents, etc).

Q. Can I ever change my days after I enroll my child into the infant program?
A. Yes, you will be required to fill out a Change of Enrollment Request Form. If we have space and are able to accommodate your schedule request we will do so. Otherwise you will be placed on a wait list and when the days you request become available we will then accommodate your request.

Q. Can I drop-off my baby if I need care on additional days that he/she is not registered for?
A. No. ABC does not offer a drop-off program for its infant or toddler programs. Children in this age group need stability to feel safe and secure. We believe that a flexible and varying schedule will work against this.

Q. Does ABC give any credits for days missed due to vacations or illnesses?
A. No. ABC does not issue any monetary refunds, credits, or “make-up days” for days missed from daycare.

Q. Am I allowed to visit my child during the day?
A. Yes, ABC has an “Open Door Policy” for parents to visit and view their child anytime during the day. However, we encourage parents to view their child from the security monitors in the main office as to avoid interaction with their child. Children that are learning routines at daycare often become upset when their parent comes back and then leaves again without their child. Young children in daycare learn that after saying their “good-byes” at drop-off the next time they see their parents are when they are going home with them. When children do not go home the second time with their parents it may evoke feelings of confusion and insecurity. Parent visitation also upsets the other children in the classroom because they would like their parent there too. This may evoke feelings of sadness and frustration from the other children.

Q. Do infants go outside during the day?
A. Yes, infants are taken for walks around the neighborhood and to the local park in 4-person strollers and/or baby carriers when weather and scheduling permit. Teachers may sometimes lay out blankets in the grass in a shady area with small toys to allow babies to play in a supervised area in the fresh air.

Q. Does ABC have its own outdoor area?
A. No.

Q. How will teachers put my baby down for a nap?
A. Teachers at ABC will replicate similar techniques to put an infant to sleep as his/her own parents do at home. This may include rocking, rubbing, patting, soothing, and so on.

Q. Does ABC provide food for my baby?
A. No. Every parent is responsible for providing prepared bottles and food from home. Children at this age are on their own schedules and are exposed to different types of foods at different times. Due to the risk of an allergic reaction, all new foods must be tried at home before being brought into the center.

Q. My child is still being breastfed, am I allowed to bring expressed milk in bottles for my baby?
A. Yes. ABC allows parents to prepare bottles containing expressed milk to be fed to their baby that same day. Due to lack of storage space, we cannot store frozen breast milk.

Q. Do you have a nursing area so that I may breast-feed my child during the day?
A. ABC does not have a nursing area. Parents are able to prepare bottles containing breast milk to be fed to your child throughout the day.

Q. Do you heat up bottles in microwaves?
A. No, ABC does not use microwaves for heating up bottles. Bottles will be heated in a bottle warmer only at no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit for no more than 5 minutes. After warming, bottles will be mixed gently and the temperature will be tested before feeding to feel warm, but not hot.

Q. Do you accept cloth diapers?
A. No, ABC only allows for children with commercially packed, disposable diapers.

Q. What happens if my child gets sick during the day?
A. ABC has a strict Illness Policy. If your child falls ill during the day then you will be contacted to pick up your child as soon as possible. In the meanwhile your child will be separated from the children and made comfortable until you arrive. If your child is sent home early then he/she must be kept home for a full day (24 hours) and may return to ABC only when the symptoms are no longer present and when a doctor’s note is presented stating that the child is well enough to return to daycare.

Q. Are you able to give my child medicine?
A. No. ABC is not licensed to administer any type of medication (prescription and/or non-prescription) to children.